A Week of Wellness

As students settle into the groove of a new school year, it is very important to make space in a busy schedule for wellness. To bring a focus on this very important part of a student’s lifestyle, the BUCSC hosted a wellness week for students at the very start of October.

The week’s festivities began with Arts day on Monday. People crowded to the booth in the St. James foyer for tea between classes. While there, students could get a henna tattoo, or grab a coloring sheet to celebrate their own artistic ability. The friendliness of the event set the tone for the whole week of events. Tuesday focused on mindfulness, as it invited students to consider the things they are grateful for, and the intentions they have for the future. Many students contributed to the board where students shared both gratitude and intentions.

On Wednesday, the Wellness Fair popped up in Ursuline Hall. Many students came for the snacks- there was tea, popcorn, and even a cookie decorating station- but found other exciting activities as well. Students were invited to write encouraging letters, or take a break in the self-care ball pit. Most of all, attendees had fun chatting and relaxing between classes. The week wrapped up on Thursday with a yoga class for students hoping to unwind, and a bullet journaling demonstration for students trying to keep organized.

After a week packed with all sorts of wellness, Next semester’s wellness events have a lot to live up to. Already wellness commissioner Michelle Lau has exciting plans, “Mental health initiatives are very important, and that is something to focus on during the events next semester.” In the meantime, students can rely on resources from the BUCSC. Lau says it is her goal to reach out and support students, “I want to tell people that council is here for them, and cares about their wellness.”