London’s Best Spots

London, Ontario is filled with hidden gems! The BUCSC members are helping you find the very best of them by sharing their favorite spots all around London.


“Weldon Park has the best dog sightseeing ever.” – Monique Lewis, AVP Promotions

“Masonville Mall is a great one-stop for shopping, eating, and a great change of scenery.” – Stephanie Tom, Residence Rep

“Coco’s at Wonderland and Oxford! They have bubble tea and taiwanese fried chicken there- both are super good! There’s also lots of seating so it’s a great place to study or just hang out with friends.” – Vanessa So, Website Commissioner

“The trails behind Brescia, they are so relaxing and really beautiful, especially during the fall.” – Katie Vezina, USC Rep

“Rec Room, because you can hang out with your friends and play fun games.” – Tong Sha, Brescia Ball Commissioner

“Chil downtown, it’s a super fun place to have a variety of ice cream flavors and chat with friends.” – Nadin Moussa, Diversity & Inclusion Commissioner

“Westminster Woods is a great hiking spot.” – Emily Petch, First Year Off-Campus Rep

“Gibraltar’s on Dundas and Third, It’s like a secret Covent Gardens with so many amazing booths.” – Cassidy Blunt, Off-Campus Rep

“I went to Under the Volcano the other week, I’d recommend the nachos.” – Claire Hopkins, Volunteer Commissioner

“The Spoke! It has an amazing student community feel.” – Hirra Majid, Governance Officer

“Komoka Provincial Park on the west edge of the city. I love taking a break from studying by getting outside and Komoka is the perfect place for a fall hike.” – Kate Ward, Mature and Transfer Students Rep

“Bungalow- I highly recommend their salmon!” – Michelle Lau, Wellness Commissioner

“My favorite spot in London is Barney’s! There’s nothing more relaxing than catching up with friends on the patio when the weather is nice.” – Alison Lengyell, Chief Returning Officer