The University Experience- Living in Residence

A guest article by Stephanie Tom, Brescia University College Residence Council (BUCRC) President and Residence Representative

University is a special milestone for students who wish to further their education; it’s a chance to explore new options, and develop interests into passions. One often wishes to get the “full university experience,” and what better way than by living in residence. At Brescia University College, we’re proud of our Clare Hall Residence: fixed with queen sized beds, shared ensuites, and common lounges in each floor. Personally, I love the residence because my floormates have become my closest university friends, and I’ve shared many intense screenings of the Bachelor in our floor lounge. Most importantly, Clare Hall is so much more than a residence, it’s truly a community of students from all years.

I loved residence so much that I knew I wanted to live here again, this year as President of the Brescia University College Residence Council (BUCRC). The BUCRC is a council of 21 members that is mostly comprised of first-year students living in residence. Paraphrased from the mission statement, the BUCRC acts as the governing body of the student assembly, and is established to improve the social and living environment for students in residence. Councillors contribute to programming and event planning, and advocating for issues on behalf of the residence community. Residence Council is a great experience for students interested in getting involved within their community and meeting students within residence.

Within the last two years, the BUCRC has adopted new positions such as a Wellness Commissioner, Academic Commissioner, and Student Events Commissioner. The new commissioner positions are tailored to facilitate programming that target specific aspects of student life; these include academic, wellness, and social events. This academic year, the BUCRC welcomed a new “International Students Representative” position to residence council. This position is much needed as International students face different challenges in addition to adjusting to a new, generally far, home away from home. The BUCRC’s hopes for this position include creating a voice for the international student community, and to help advocate and tailor events to International Students to promote a smoother transition within residence. Overall, the BUCRC is excited for the new possibilities with the International Students Representative position, and we look forward to another successful year!

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