Brescia Bucket List: 10 Things to do Before You Graduate

Brescia is made great by its students. Besides creating a great community and paving the way for current students, students from Brescia’s past have started some traditions that help to make the Brescia experience into what it is today. Here is a look at the ways you can get involved with the Brescia community, and honor its history.

  1. Make a meal in the food lab- This one may be easy for food & nutrition students, but students from other faculties may not even set foot in a food lab if they don’t make an effort! Not to worry, there are plenty of opportunities to try your hand at cooking in the food labs- just keep an eye out for club events.
  2. Take a walk in Medway Forest- There is plenty of natural beauty all around campus, but a short walk behind Clare Hall will bring you to the middle of a forest! Medway is a beautiful place to take a walk- it is full of wildlife, and runs alongside a creek. Walking Medway Forest’s trails is a great way to relieve stress and get to know why London is called the Forest City.
  3. Go to Brescia Ball- For students, the highlight of every year is the Brescia Ball and Wine & Cheese. This is the moment to dress up in your best outfit and join in two nights of food, drink, and dance. The Brescia Ball is a time-honored tradition, so you are also joining in on building Brescia’s history while you enjoy two very classy evenings.
  4. Join a Brescia club- Brescia is not a big campus, but it does have plenty of opportunities to get involved! Brescia has clubs for students from every faculty, and plenty of nonacademic clubs, too. Whether it is to learn a new skill or work in your field, the Brescia clubs have something for everyone. They are a great way to get to know your fellow students and engage with the Brescia community.
  5. Visit the Labyrinth- It is a tradition among students to visit the tree at the center of Brescia’s Labyrinth with a wish. Walking the labyrinth then tying the wish, in the form of a ribbon, to the branches is a way to relieve stress and bring peace of mind. Because of the construction on the new academic pavilion this year, the Labyrinth may not get as many visitors, but it is still well worth the visit.
  6. Try something new at the Mercato- Brescia boasts a really spectacular dining hall, with an outstanding staff and truly tasty food. The menu is crafted to appeal to all sorts of tastes, and features plenty of international food offerings. There has never been a better time to expand the horizons of your palate and try something entirely new!
  7. Visit Huron and King’s- Western’s affiliate colleges have always had a special bond, and that means more than sharing chants at O Week. It is easy to celebrate the shared history of the affiliates while studying in Kings’ beautiful library, or enjoying a social night at Huron’s Beaver Dam. Whether it is for an event, a class, or just to hang out, each of their campuses are well worth the visit.
  8. Visit the farmer’s market- With a huge portion of Brescia’s students studying food & nutrition, it is no wonder the farmer’s market is so popular! Each Wednesday, local farmer George comes in with fresh fruits and veggies, grown locally. Plus, the booth is out during classes, so there is no need to alter your schedule at all for this one.
  9. Get some Brescia merch from the Bottega- Having Western pride is nice, but being Brescia Bold is important too! The Bottega’s merchandise is great for wearing and carrying around campus, but also makes great gifts for proud parents of Brescia students. When you find yourself in need of a frame for your diploma after graduation, the Bottega has you covered for that too.
  10. Explore Ursuline Hall- Ursuline Hall is the oldest building on campus, and is packed full with history. There is a lot to see- artwork and historical photos compliment the elegant architecture throughout the building. As a special bonus, there are plenty of nice, quiet study spots you can visit when the library gets too crowded!

Brescia is a great place with lots of different students, so there are plenty of different student experiences. This list is a great way to engage with the Brescia community and get into your school spirit, but above all be sure to make your Brescia experience your own!

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