BUCSC’s Incorporation- a Closer Look

A guest article by Mikaila Hunter, the BUCSC President

In the summer of 2017, the Brescia University College Students’ Council, after years of dedication and passion from members, became Federally incorporated. Incorporation is the act of being legally declared a separate corporate entity from its owners. This means the BUCSC is now a Not-for-Profit Business separate from the University. This exciting change to your Students’ Council has allowed us to become a more professional and established organization. What you may not know is how this benefits you as a student. There a multiple ways Incorporation could have a direct effect on yourself.

  1. Increase opportunities for student leadership and involvement – Being a part of the BUCSC means you are a member of the corporation. If you were to choose to pursue an executive role you would become a member of the Board of Trustees, a role that many individuals would not have the opportunity to take on until much later in life.
  2. If you are not a member of the BUCSC, Incorporation has a huge impact on the activities of clubs. The Students’ Council now has the resources to look towards improving our future supports to clubs.
  3. There are also small changes such as the ability to have a credit card. This ensures thoughtful spending of student’s fees on large-scale events, such as Brescia Ball.
  4. Additionally, with increasing clarity of our relationship with Brescia University College, we are able to better advocate and provide meaningful changes on behalf of the student body.

With incorporation also came an increase in responsibility and liability held by the Students’ Council. As a result, the next reasonable step is the hiring of a General Manager. This person would ensure that the Students’ Council day-to-day operations run seamlessly and research that will impact students is being completed. Our General Manager can provide valuable research to allow up to grow or start initiatives we never imagined possible. They act as an experienced member who understands the finances and the way to spend money as responsibly. Additionally, as the institutional memory of the Council, your elected members of the BUCSC can spend more time working on issues that directly affect you as students.

These exciting change has the Students’ Council looking towards the future while working towards investing further in our ability to improve the student experience. If you ever have any question or concerns relating to the BUCSC or thoughts on how your Students’ Council can better advocate on behalf of the student body feel free to reach out to Mikaila Hunter at president@bucsc.ca


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