BUCSC’s Bold Moments

Brescia is an excellent university with a unique community, and that is something to celebrate! Our BUCSC members are sharing their most empowering Brescia experiences.


“I loved having my professor in my Business class refer to me by name in just the second week, that was powerful because I felt important in my contribution.” – Brooke Huffman, First Year Residence Rep

“My favorite Brescia moment so far has been Foundress Day during my first year. When all the first years write their names in the book it signifies that Brescia will become their home for four years.” – Kate Wood, Mature and Transfer Students Rep

“Just being surrounded by so many empowering and supportive young women here at Brescia has me feeling so motivated and ready to take on the world!” – Madison Sweet, Charity Commissioner

“I loved the Brescia cheers at O Week’s closing ceremony!” – Emily Petch, First Year Off-Campus Rep

“I attended Dr. Margaret Chan’s talk last year during Homecoming. When I found out she has a degree from Brescia it felt great! You never know where your degree will take you.” – Michelle Lau, Wellness Commissioner

“I think the first time I got to send a very professional email was a bold moment for me. I really felt like I was being prepared for a future as a powerful woman!” – Katie Vezina, USC Rep

“During the Summer I helped out with convocation. In the time leading up to the event I really got to see all of the memories and connections that the grads had and it made me reflect on my own time here at Brescia. While reflecting, I felt really warm and grateful for my own memories and connections.” – Vanessa So, Website Commissioner

“After transferring from another university, I really appreciate Brescia. I love being able to recognize and say hello to people while I walk to classes!” – Monique Lewis, AVP Promotions

“It was great to be a member of FRESH representing Brescia, sharing information about nutrition, and educating peers about Brescia on main campus.” – Stephanie Tom, Residence Rep

“Attending the Foundress Day ceremony as a BUCSC executive member was a big moment for me. It made me think of how I have grown since my first Foundress Day.” – Joy Huynh, Chief Communications Officer

“It was so exciting when I was voted into my positions on last year’s BUCRC and the BUCSC this year. I showed that people know me and want me to be their voice.” – Cassidy Blunt, Off-Campus Rep

“The classroom setting every day makes me feel confident and comfortable.” – Julia Sun, AVP Student Support

brescia bold

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