Brescia at Champ’s Cup

After a season of training, Brescia’s flag football team finally had the chance to perform on the field last weekend. The annual Champs Cup is a league-wide tournament, and the biggest of the year. Brescia looks forward to the weekend-long tournament each year and although the team did not win any games this year, the players had a great time.

The weather on the morning of December 1 was very difficult for the players. The field was coated with ice, making gameplay very slow and slippery. Ultimately that game against the off-campus team ended in a no-score tie, but Brescia’s defense played especially well during the game. Following that, Brescia played King’s in an very friendly game. Although Brescia lost, the HBK spirit made for a very fun game. The day wrapped up in an evening game against Delaware. Again the weather was difficult, this time due to rain. Brescia’s loss to Delaware ended the tournament for the team, but Brescia still had a lot of fun.

Team coach Hien Thi once again led the team through the tournament. Her work helped to make Brescia the team that it is. Although the team did not have any big wins during the tournament, other teams congratulated the players on their good sportsmanship. Brescia’s team is known each year as one of the most fun teams in the league, and this year was no different. The team was tied with Elgin for smallest this year, but even so Brescia packed a big punch. As always, Brescia’s success was in its enthusiasm and good sportsmanship which carried them through the tournament.