BUCSC Student Awards

The BUCSC is proud to support Brescia’s students in many ways; that means hosting social events, providing resources, and advocating for students, among other services. However, one of the BUCSC’s services that is often overlooked is the BUCSC awards. These awards and their monetary support are a way for the BUCSC to express thanks and recognition to Brescia students who exemplify Brescia’s excellence.

Awarded annually to honor students who embody the spirit of Brescia, the awards seek to recognize students with a wide variety of experiences and contributions to their community. The Spirit award, for example, focuses on involvement at Brescia, while the Francolini Memorial award is for students whose community involvement is specifically outside Brescia. A new award for this year is the Shiloh Roberts Compassion award, which recognizes an international student who embodies compassion in their community. There are plenty of awards, and each recognizes different values and lived experiences. It is well worthwhile to look at the awards to see if you would be a good match for any of them.

There are 19 awards available this year, and students may apply for more than one award if they wish. There is a lot of variety, so it is important to look through each award description and determine which ones for which you are a good candidate. Then, all that is left to do is fill out the applications, which are quite quick and easy to fill out online. They are available, alongside the award descriptions and requirements, at the dedicated BUCSC webpage. Applications close on February 13, so now is a good time to get started on applying.

Brescia students are defined by their bold leadership, dedication, and compassion, and that is something to celebrate. The BUCSC wants to recognize the students who best exemplify the Brescia spirit through their involvement with the Brescia community, and who positively impact the people around them. These awards and the monetary support they provide are a thanks and an encouragement for students who embody the best Brescia has to offer.


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