Mikaila Hunter- BUCSC’s 2019-2020 President

This year’s race for the BUCSC president was marked by immense student engagement and participation. After an extraordinarily well-attended presidential speeches event on January 30, polling opened for 2 days, and the students made their voices heard. Finally, on February 6, Mikaila Hunter was announced as next year’s BUCSC president. Here is a brief introduction to Mikaila and her campaign platform, as well as a look at what students can expect from next year’s student council.

Hunter is a 3rd year food & nutrition student with a minor in political science. She has been involved with Brescia’s councils since first year, when she was a floor representative on Clare Hall’s residence council. The following year, she served as the BUCRC’s president, which also led her to her position on the BUCSC as residence representative. This year, she is the BUCSC’s president, and may now look forward to holding the same position next year.

Hunter’s campaign was popular with voters because of her student opportunity-focused platform. She focused on a continuation of the initiatives she has begun this year, but also expressed new goals to serve particular student groups, such as international students and clubs members. Additionally, she focused on improving accessibility for students by creating a mental health policy for student council positions and offering student services such as tutoring in more languages. Another great focus of the platform was student feedback-based research for how to improve the BUCSC’s services.

Hunter’s four-point platform focused on tutoring and work opportunities, accessibility in the classroom, student wellbeing, and student involvement, but this year’s campaign season directed the focus toward a major issue for Ontario’s students; the OSAP cuts upcoming in the next school year. Hunter has already worked to respond to the OSAP changes by bringing concerns on behalf of students. The changes also mean uncertainty for the student council, as funding has become far less assured in the coming year. During her campaign, Hunter assured students that she would seek to maintain the services that student council offers irregardless of budget changes.

Although Hunter will have one term’s experience when she is the BUCSC’s president next year, she will face changes and new challenges. The student body’s vote of confidence in her favor is certainly a signal that Hunter will be a capable leader for the BUCSC next year. Students may look forward to seeing her lead council and fulfill her campaign’s goals in the 2019-20 school year.

Presidential results

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