Reading Week Japan Trip

Reading week is a time for a lot of students to travel home and see their families, but one student group travelled far from home this reading week- to Japan. A Brescia class of sociology, nutrition and dietetics, and family studies students took a 10-day trip to Chiba Prefecture, next to Tokyo, to visit Wayo Women’s University.

During the trip, the class covered a lot of ground. Visiting Japanese landmarks like the SkyTree, DisneySea, and the Kamakura Buddha were among their trips. The group also toured the Wayo campus and its food labs, and visited a japanese nursery and primary school. While the sociology and family studies students visited the Japanese parliament to learn more about the society, while the foods students took a tour of a hospital’s kitchens to take a look at food production in Japan. These were just a few of the many places the class visited during their 10-day trip; their days were packed! “Experiencing a culture that is very different from our own was a really cool experience. And the food was great,” said Esmé Panarello, a families and nutrition student who went on the trip.

Now the trip is over and the students have returned to their regular classes, but a new part of the experience has already begun. Some food and nutrition students from Wayo University have come to visit London for two weeks, and they also have a full schedule planned. Aside from attending classes and touring Brescia’s food labs, the students look forward to a trip to see the Toronto Lightning play, and they will see a London Knights hockey game too. A Kinsmen Sugarbush trip will give a close look at Canadian culture, as well. The Wayo students have a lot to look forward to, and Brescia’s students look forward to showing them around.


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