BUCSC Elections Update

Elections season is in full swing for the BUCSC, as Brescia’s students choose their council for next year. Now is the most important time to keep updated on the council’s elections in order to choose the best representatives, but also to get to know the currently-appointed members of next year’s council.

Already, the BUCSC’s 2019-2020 president Mikaila Hunter has been elected, but she is now joined by her executive team. Vice-President Student Life Jaime Keltz and Vice-President Student Events Val Fernandez-Torres were elected by the student body in the past week. Just after their election, the remainder of the exec team- chosen through tests and interviews with the present position holders- was made official. Governance Officer Alison Lengyell, Chief Financial Officer Danielle Green, and Chief Communications Officer Eli Marentette were added to the team.

Currently, Brescia is in the midst of the general member elections. Coming up, students can expect speeches from the candidates, and in the meantime they can read up on candidates’ platforms on their campaigns’ Facebook pages. However, not all candidates are part of an election; those who would otherwise run unopposed are instead acclaimed to their positions. These representatives are International Student Representative Hawazin Alotaibi, Mature and Transfer Student Representative Christa Cowell, Sociology and Criminal Justice Representative Brooke Huffman, and Psychology and Family Studies Representative Maria Bravo. The general member elections are approaching fast, so students can expect updates on candidate speeches and voting dates to be posted on the BUCSC’s social media. There are also a number of interviewed positions that are soon to be filled, so it is a good idea to keep an eye out for further appointments which may be posted as well.

The BUCSC would like to offer a huge congratulations to the newest members of next year’s council. Please keep updated on the BUCSC’s elections and appointments, because the BUCSC counts on student engagement and support to create the best possible council.



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