Year-End Study Resources

Libraries are full, and due dates are fast approaching; Western students are in the midst of the most chaotic time of the year as they wrap up their studies for the winter semester. There is a lot of hard work to be done, but students also have plenty of resources at their disposal to help them do their best work. Here is a quick rundown of some of Western and Brescia’s most useful resources and services to finish out the school year strong.

Exams can be very daunting for students, especially when they are all together at the end of the semester. Now is an excellent time for getting started with exam prep, to be better prepared for test day. Western’s Learning Skills Services features many useful resources for students, including printable calendars for scheduling, but especially useful this season are their exam prep workshops. The calendar is up on their website along with the signup page. Exam prep is always a good idea, but studying the material is even more important. For those who want to review at the library, Western libraries has created a complete guide to study season at campus libraries- the changed schedules are especially worth the look. Those who do not want to risk walking down Brescia hill only to find Weldon full may want to consider booking a study room at Brescia’s own Beryl Ivey Library. Though finals are still a couple weeks away, now is the best time to get started on preparations.

In addition to getting ready for exams, many students are sitting down at their desks to write final papers. These are usually big projects, so Western has plenty of resources on offer to help out. Western Libraries has style and citation guides to help with the work of citing sources properly, which is essential to a good paper. For students who need some assistance with the writing of the paper itself, the Brescia Writing Centre is an excellent resource; students can work with a peer tutor through any step of the writing process. The Beryl Ivey Library can also help students get started on their research, as students can talk one-on-one with a librarian all about their work. Wherever you are with your work, Brescia can help out.

Looking at a schedule full of upcoming deadlines and test dates can be daunting, but the University has indispensable resources on offer for students. Especially at this time in the year, they are well worth the look!

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