Shivika Parmar

“Ever since high school, I was a very shy kid. Throughout my four years, I learned to grow and tried to come out of the shell slightly as I had moved from India to Canada and experienced bullying due to language barriers at the time. However, it was not until second year of university at Brescia that I had the confidence and dedication to apply for BUCSC and decided to put myself out there. I learned to express my leadership skills due to fellow council members and sophs and family around me being so positive and connected. This opportunity helped me grow as a person, expanded my knowledge of how a council works and allowed me to make friends which I would not have had I not joined. Currently, it is my second year on the BUCSC and I have learned to express my thoughts and gain more confidence than ever before and I have learned that no one can stop you from achieving whatever you want to achieve. Every single step of the way that I have stepped outside of my comfort zone I have learned that trying your best at something is more than enough even if you fail at it. I believe that we should take advantage of the opportunities we get as they can opens many doors for you in terms of growing as a person, learning leadership skills and perhaps with jobs in the future.”

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