Beauty in Diversity: International Students Host A Festival of Festivals

This past week was Western’s International Student Week. It was a chance for students at Brescia to learn about all the different cultures that are a large part of our community. On November 13th, cultures from all corners of the world joined together in celebration of each other, and of each other’s traditions and festivals.

Riya Alsabak |


Brescia is proud to have a diverse community of students from all over the world. The international student population makes up a significant part of the Brescia community.  International Student Week was the perfect time for students to show appreciation for the many cultures Brescia is home to.

During Western’s International Student Week, Brescia’s international population showcased a large variety of festivals, live performances, and food from all over the world.  With some performers travelling all the way from Toronto, international students worked tirelessly through midterm season to bring the traditions and festivals they celebrate to the St. James Auditorium.  The Brescia community, as well as the surrounding London community, had the privilege of gathering in the auditorium to learn about over 20 different traditional festivals, including some from Iran, Malaysia, Rwanda, England, Japan, and so many more.


The event was a huge success with many people staying for the whole duration, and others dropping in when they had time away from classes. Brescia’s Festival of Festivals was a fantastic way for students to take some time to appreciate the wide community of International Students that Brescia welcomes each year. A huge thank you to everyone involved in making the Festival of Festivals an event to remember!



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