London’s Best Spots

London, Ontario is filled with hidden gems! The BUCSC members are helping you find the very best of them by sharing their favorite spots all around London.


“Weldon Park has the best dog sightseeing ever.” – Monique Lewis, AVP Promotions

“Masonville Mall is a great one-stop for shopping, eating, and a great change of scenery.” – Stephanie Tom, Residence Rep

“Coco’s at Wonderland and Oxford! They have bubble tea and taiwanese fried chicken there- both are super good! There’s also lots of seating so it’s a great place to study or just hang out with friends.” – Vanessa So, Website Commissioner

“The trails behind Brescia, they are so relaxing and really beautiful, especially during the fall.” – Katie Vezina, USC Rep

“Rec Room, because you can hang out with your friends and play fun games.” – Tong Sha, Brescia Ball Commissioner

“Chil downtown, it’s a super fun place to have a variety of ice cream flavors and chat with friends.” – Nadin Moussa, Diversity & Inclusion Commissioner

“Westminster Woods is a great hiking spot.” – Emily Petch, First Year Off-Campus Rep

“Gibraltar’s on Dundas and Third, It’s like a secret Covent Gardens with so many amazing booths.” – Cassidy Blunt, Off-Campus Rep

“I went to Under the Volcano the other week, I’d recommend the nachos.” – Claire Hopkins, Volunteer Commissioner

“The Spoke! It has an amazing student community feel.” – Hirra Majid, Governance Officer

“Komoka Provincial Park on the west edge of the city. I love taking a break from studying by getting outside and Komoka is the perfect place for a fall hike.” – Kate Ward, Mature and Transfer Students Rep

“Bungalow- I highly recommend their salmon!” – Michelle Lau, Wellness Commissioner

“My favorite spot in London is Barney’s! There’s nothing more relaxing than catching up with friends on the patio when the weather is nice.” – Alison Lengyell, Chief Returning Officer



Wildlife on Campus: A Field Guide

It is hard not to notice the many creatures who live at, or come to visit, Brescia every day. The natural beauty all around campus makes a great environment for people and alike. However, there are so many different critters all around that it is hard to keep track of them all! Thankfully, the Buzz has put together this quick field guide of wildlife on campus.

Of course, the most talked-about creatures on this and any Western campus are the Canadian geese. They certainly get on people’s nerves, especially drivers who are forced to wait as they cross the road. They are also pretty aggressive, so it is a good idea to give them their space- and watch where you’re walking on the sidewalk. They migrate south for much of the school year, so at least they are only seasonal visitors.

There are also plenty of furry critters on campus, too; there are gopher burrows all over the hill in front of Ursuline Hall. Some have moved along with many Brescia classes, and are now living in front of the Marie Rosier Wing. The whitetail deer, who were known to visit the field behind the St. James building, also seemed to have moved, likely due to the construction on campus. Not to worry, there are still plenty of deer on campus on the fields leading to Medway Forest.

Medway is its own ecosystem, with plenty of biodiversity. Beside the more common animals on campus, among them the grey and black squirrels, you may be lucky enough to spot some waterside animals- snapping turtles, leopard frogs, or even the occasional beaver! The marshes near Brescia’s lower parking lot features some smaller water animals among the cattails; on damp days, you may spot some frogs near the sidewalk up to the St. James Building. Nearby in the hedges there must be a rabbit burrow, because on quiet days some eastern cottontail rabbits have been known to come out and hop about.

Like most wild animals on campus, they are very shy, so it is best to admire them from a distance. However, there are often very friendly dogs on campus. Whether they are just passing through on a walk or stopping in for a visit, they are a delight to see around! In fact, St. John’s Therapy dogs come to Brescia for events from time to time, too. As always, it is best to ask the dog’s owner before petting, and please be conscious of the service animals on Brescia’s campus, they are assisting their owners and should not be distracted.

Brescia is surrounded by natural beauty, and is lucky to be home to so many different animals. The best way to appreciate them all is to respect their space, and the campus where they live. Be sure to give Brescia’s animals the love they deserve!

Brescia Homecoming 2019

An immense part of the Brescia community is its alumni, and homecoming weekend hosted each fall is a chance to welcome alumni home to Brescia. Naturally, each year Brescia organizes weekend-long Homecoming celebrations for alumni and guests who come to campus, and this year was no different. Brescia’s Homecoming for 2019 was packed with fun and engaging events that celebrate Brescia’s bold spirit!

Saturday’s festivities kicked off in the morning with the annual faculty lecture. This year, the presentation “Eating for Your Genes” by Dr. Janet Madill attracted a packed audience for a discussion of the impact of genetics upon a person’s metabolism and diet. The lecture was a hit among current and former students alike. Following that, a lunch was hosted in the Mercato, where guests were invited to get to know other members of the large and diverse Brescia community. Visitors also took plenty of pictures at the Brescia photobooth, and put on their game faces with a face painting station. From there, all that was left to do was face the rainy weather and make the walk to main campus, where not even the weather could put a damper on Western’s defeat of Laurier at the Homecoming football game!

Sunday began with a Homecoming Mass in the Brescia chapel, a historical focal point of the Brescia campus. Following Mass, visitors were invited to the Principal’s reception and reunion luncheon. Dr. Susan Mumm, Brescia’s Principal, greeted the homecoming weekend visitors warmly, as the guests enjoyed a lunch prepared by Brescia’s chefs. Following the lunch, alumni held their Alumni Association Annual General Meeting.

In the meantime, and throughout the weekend, Brescia ran campus tours for visitors, where they could visit all their favorite spots and revisit their fondest memories from their time at Brescia. Plus, visitors to campus had an opportunity to look at the construction for Brescia’s new academic pavillion. To see the completed product, they will have to return for Homecoming next year, which promises to be especially exciting as it will also be Brescia’s centennial! For this year, Brescia spent homecoming celebrating the past, present, and future of Brescia.

BUCSC Study Tips

Midterms season is a busy time of year for students- there is a lot of hard work to be done! To help you out as you prepare for your test date, our BUCSC members have offered their very best studying and note-taking tips.


“Get creative! Try and use bold colors- those points will stick out more when you’re trying to remember info.” – Alison Lengyell, Chief Returning Officer

“I swear by flashcard apps when studying for midterms and exams, that way I can take my studies to go and really have no excuse not to do it.” – Monique Lewis, AVP Promotions

“Take small breaks! Don’t spend them on your phone or you’ll get lost down the Instagram rabbit hole. Stretch, drink some water, or eat a snack instead.” – Katie Vezina, USC Rep

“Always do the readings before you ask questions and come to class with questions to ask. Also, try to summarize in your own words.” – Brooke Huffman, First Year Residence Rep

“Trust your own written notes instead of typing on your computer.” – Tong Sha, Brescia Ball Commissioner

“When I’m studying for a test, I’ll usually write up a ‘fake’ test that includes questions I think are likely to appear on the real test. It’s super helpful!” – Madison Sweet, Charity Commissioner

“Find a really good playlist and study spot to get work done!” – Nadin Moussa, Diversity & Inclusion Commissioner

“Don’t focus on writing down every word that the prof says, sometimes it’s either already in the powerpoint or something you already know by heart! Writing key points/ new info and highlighting keywords keeps your notes concise and easier to memorize!”- Vanessa So, Website Commissioner

“Make sure to have lots of snacks, to reward yourself for working hard!” – Joy Huynh, Chief Communications Officer

“Prepare for your upcoming classes by reading the chapter or topic beforehand. It’s a lot more productive and makes it easier to learn new content.” – Stephanie Tom, Residence Rep

“Study early and don’t procrastinate!” – Shivika Parmar, Senior Year Rep


The BUCSC wishes you the best of luck during midterms season!

If school is still feeling overly stressful, don’t be shy to reach out to your peers or faculty. Find out more about Brescia’s wellness resources at

A Week of Wellness

As students settle into the groove of a new school year, it is very important to make space in a busy schedule for wellness. To bring a focus on this very important part of a student’s lifestyle, the BUCSC hosted a wellness week for students at the very start of October.

The week’s festivities began with Arts day on Monday. People crowded to the booth in the St. James foyer for tea between classes. While there, students could get a henna tattoo, or grab a coloring sheet to celebrate their own artistic ability. The friendliness of the event set the tone for the whole week of events. Tuesday focused on mindfulness, as it invited students to consider the things they are grateful for, and the intentions they have for the future. Many students contributed to the board where students shared both gratitude and intentions.

On Wednesday, the Wellness Fair popped up in Ursuline Hall. Many students came for the snacks- there was tea, popcorn, and even a cookie decorating station- but found other exciting activities as well. Students were invited to write encouraging letters, or take a break in the self-care ball pit. Most of all, attendees had fun chatting and relaxing between classes. The week wrapped up on Thursday with a yoga class for students hoping to unwind, and a bullet journaling demonstration for students trying to keep organized.

After a week packed with all sorts of wellness, Next semester’s wellness events have a lot to live up to. Already wellness commissioner Michelle Lau has exciting plans, “Mental health initiatives are very important, and that is something to focus on during the events next semester.” In the meantime, students can rely on resources from the BUCSC. Lau says it is her goal to reach out and support students, “I want to tell people that council is here for them, and cares about their wellness.”

Get Connected!

Brescia is a very lively campus- there is a lot going on here! There is no doubt that students have many opportunities to get involved, but sometimes events and news slip by unnoticed. Not to worry, it is easy to keep up-to-date with the latest at Brescia online. Here is a quick list of the most important Facebook pages for students to follow.

Brescia University College– This is the go-to place for all of Brescia’s biggest news. Campus updates, big announcements, and news articles are all posted here, so this is the essential Brescia page to follow.

Brescia University College Students’ Council– for students, this is an indispensable resource. This page features announcements for upcoming Brescia events and offers great student resources. Plus, it is a good way to keep track of big news from main campus, too!

Brescia University College Residence Council– Clare Hall is a great community, with its own council, too! The council runs many events for students in residence, and this is the place to keep track of them all.

Brescia Used Textbooks– Whether you need a textbook, or need to get rid of some, this is the page for you. This is an especially good way to seek or sell books for Brescia courses, so you can bypass the hassle of the main campus secondhand book market altogether.

Student-Life Centre Brescia– This page is as friendly as can be! It features updates on the Brescia sophs and their events, so it is a great way to get to know the friendly faces all around Brescia.

Brescia Gives Back– Many students will love the volunteering opportunities on this page. This page helps students engage with the local London community in addition to Brescia!


Facebook is a great start, but there are plenty of other social medias that are full of all things Brescia. The Instagrams bresciacouncil (University Council) and bresciauc (University College) are a great place to start for beautiful photos of campus, events, and the people who make this school so great! Brescia Student Council’s youtube channel, BUCSC, is great for videos that highlight Brescia culture and events.  A student favorite Instagram bresciafoodwatch, keeps you up-to-date on campus events offering free food! The Brescia Twitter @BresciaUC is the place to go for students who want to see Brescia in their Twitter feeds, too.