Holidays at Brescia

The holiday season has begun at Brescia. Already, holiday decorations have sprung up all over campus and despite the stress that comes with the end of the semester, students are getting into the spirit of the season. There are plenty of holiday events going on at Brescia, so the Buzz is taking a look at how Brescia celebrates the holidays.

Holiday celebrations are often all about community, so it makes sense that the first place on campus to light up with holiday cheer was Clare Hall. Visitors to the residence or the Mercato have probably noticed that the living rooms on each floor are decorated with snowflakes, garlands, and Christmas trees. Many floors held decoration parties to get the residence in the mood of the season. The first year in residence can feel lonely around the holidays for some students, so this year the First Year Stocking Decoration Party helped to build new connections and traditions. First years gathered to socialize, sip hot cocoa, and decorate their own stockings in a celebration of the holidays. It was a great bonding opportunity, where students were invited to share their family’s holiday traditions.

Brescia has many of its own holiday traditions, thanks to the campus ministry. The Christian season of Advent is beginning, which means ‘tis the season to get ready for Christmas. Already, Brescia Chapel and the Ursuline Hall foyer are decorated for the season. On December 6, the Brescia Chapel will be the venue of the annual Lessons of Love & Songs of Hope Carol Service. This is an evening of beautiful music performed by the Brescia Choir to celebrate the goodwill of the Christmas season. The campus ministry will also hold its annual Brescia Family Christmas Party on December 2 in the St. James auditorium. The event promises to be tons of fun, with refreshments, gingerbread decorating, and even a visit from Santa!

With all the festivities happening around campus, the BUCSC is sure to join in. Already, the council members have held their holiday potluck and secret santa exchange, but there are still events to come. The BUCSC’s environmental commissioner Adrienne Aguechi is holding a Holiday gift wrap making event, where attendees can learn the value of recycled holiday gift wrap, tags, and cards as they reuse them to wrap presents and make holiday decorations for this year. The council has recently hosted a holiday card-writing event for the residents of London’s Chelsey Park retirement center, but it is not too late to participate! Anyone is welcome to stop by the council office and pick up a blank card to write a nice holiday message for the Chelsey Park residents.

There is plenty going on at Brescia these days, so it is especially nice when the Brescia community takes the time to celebrate the holidays. There are many celebrations going on around campus, so however you like to celebrate the holidays you have a chance to do it with your Brescia community. As this semester winds down and the winter break approaches, the BUCSC wishes you a Happy Holidays!

christmas tree.png

Dear Brescia Blogger…

“Dear Brescia Blogger,

This is my first year as an off-campus student, and I miss the community of residence life. How can I  stay involved on campus even though I live somewhere else?

From, Lonesome Off-Campus”

Dear Off-Campus,

As a first year off – campus student, I know how rough it can be to be living off campus and away from the welcoming atmosphere of the Clare Hall residence.  At Clare hall you made your first friend, spent most of your time and went to all kinds of fun events, and it’s hard to live without that now. What I realized is that just because you’re not at Clare Hall doesn’t mean you can’t do all these things. If you miss that atmosphere, all you have to do is be proactive and find that atmosphere for yourself elsewhere.

As an off-campus student, I made goals to keep myself active and involved in the school. I joined clubs on campus and at the western campus. You can take a look at Brescia’s clubs here, or the Western clubs here. Joining clubs means you can make more new friends, with the same interests as you. There are still many clubs that are looking for members. This way you stay active in the community.

There are also many events that as a Brescia student you can attend. You are able to attend Brescia events put on by the BUCSC, by the clubs themselves, and by the school. With Brescia’s centennial coming up, there will be a plenty of events you can attend. You can keep a lookout for upcoming Brescia events with Brescia’s  events calendar. Plus, as a Brescia student you are part of the HBK family; you can attend events on the other affiliate campuses. Of course, you can always take a trip down the hill to main campus, there are endless possibilities of how you can spend your time, having fun and engaging with new communities of students.

So, you don’t have to resign yourself to missing the residence life, just bring it into the present, be proactive and go find the clubs or events that interest you. You have endless opportunities to make friends and have fun.

All my best,
The Brescia Blogger

Brescia Ball and Wine & Cheese: Your Complete Guide

Brescia Ball and Wine & Cheese are a very big deal every year at Brescia. With the ticket sale coming up on December 3rd, it is time to get ready. Here is the BUCSC’s complete guide to planning your Brescia Ball weekend, and preparing for the ticket sale!

One of Brescia’s greatest traditions is the annual Brescia Ball and Wine & Cheese, so students were thrilled when this year’s Lookbook came out to promote this fabulous weekend. This year, the Wine & Cheese will honor Brescia’s centennial, while the Brescia Ball will be a night of mystery, a Masquerade Ball. Attendees are not required to wear masks, but it is highly recommended!

The Wine & Cheese will kick off the weekend on Friday January 18th from 7:00pm to 11:00pm in Brescia’s own Mercato. Attendees will receive two drink tickets, cost included in the price of their admission ticket, upon arrival. The following evening, Saturday January 19th from 6:00pm to 12:00am, the Brescia Ball will be hosted at London’s Brookside Banquet Centre. Shuttles will run between Brescia’s campus and the venue during the night.

Ticket Sales
Ticket sales will be on Monday morning, December 3rd. Sales will start at 10:00am in the St. James Auditorium.
Here is a handy chart for ticket prices:

  Brescia Students Non-Brescia Students
Brescia Ball and Wine & Cheese $65 $70
Brescia Ball only $55 $60
Wine & Cheese only $15 $15

The ticket sale will accept cash, debit, and credit this year. However, there will be a 2.65 percent processing fee on card exchanges.

Get Ready!
The ticket sale date is going to be busy, so it is best to come ready with everything you need. Brescia students will need to fill out forms with their student number, phone number, and email, and non-Brescia guests will need to include contact emails as well. You may purchase tickets on behalf of other people, but you will need to fill out their information on their own form.

There will also be space on the form to fill in who you would like the sit at your table at Brescia Ball, up to 10 people per table.

The ticket sale will also have nomination forms for Brescia’s Royal court. Each year, a Junior Princess (1st and 2nd year student), Princess (3rd year student), and Queen (4th year, mature, or transfer student) are voted for during Wine & Cheese, and crowned during Brescia Ball. During the ticket sale, you will have the opportunity to nominate one person per category. You may also want to pick out your favorite dancing song, because there is space for song recommendations on the forms too!

Finally, the Brescia Alumnae Association are giving commemorative wine glasses to the first 100 ticket buyers in line, to be handed out and used during Wine & Cheese. In past years, student have been very competitive about being among the first 100 in line for that reason, so it is a good idea to line up well in advance of the 10:00am sale start.

brescia ball.png

Sexual Violence Awareness Week

Brescia is Canada’s only women’s University, so it works hard to recognize and promote discussion of women’s issues. Sexual violence affects women particularly, and Brescia makes an effort each year to do its part to combat this deeply harmful social issue. Last week, the BUCSC hosted information booths to help educate students as part of Sexual Violence Awareness week.

As an awareness week, each event was dedicated to information. Monday began the week with the Help a Friend event, dedicated to helping recognition of harmful relationships loved ones may be in, and how to help. Tuesday’s event was all about consent, its importance, and how it works. The final event of the week took place on Thursday, with the Personal Promise event, where visitors to the booth had the opportunity to make a promise to themselves to do right by themselves and others in their relationships. Throughout the week, the booth was filled with informative pamphlets from ANOVA, a local organization in London who partners with Women’s Community House and the Sexual Assault Center of London. ANOVA has a long-standing relationship with Brescia, and the BUCSC was proud to work with them to make last week effective and informative.

Thursday’s booth event was part of a larger day of sexual violence awareness that Brescia recognized. Many students and faculty members wore purple on campus  on Thursday, in recognition of the Shine the Light on Woman Abuse campaign, by the London Abused Women’s Center. The campaign originates from London, but has become international in the past year. Brescia In particular celebrated by lighting Ursuline Hall in purple on Thursday evening as a gesture of solidarity with the affected women in the London community and around the world.

Brescia takes its role as a women’s University seriously, and its participation of the Shine the Light campaign reaffirms its support for women, especially those affected by sexual violence. The BUCSC served its students last week by offering resources and educating about sexual violence during its sexual violence awareness week.

SVA booth

BUCSC’s Incorporation- a Closer Look

A guest article by Mikaila Hunter, the BUCSC President

In the summer of 2017, the Brescia University College Students’ Council, after years of dedication and passion from members, became Federally incorporated. Incorporation is the act of being legally declared a separate corporate entity from its owners. This means the BUCSC is now a Not-for-Profit Business separate from the University. This exciting change to your Students’ Council has allowed us to become a more professional and established organization. What you may not know is how this benefits you as a student. There a multiple ways Incorporation could have a direct effect on yourself.

  1. Increase opportunities for student leadership and involvement – Being a part of the BUCSC means you are a member of the corporation. If you were to choose to pursue an executive role you would become a member of the Board of Trustees, a role that many individuals would not have the opportunity to take on until much later in life.
  2. If you are not a member of the BUCSC, Incorporation has a huge impact on the activities of clubs. The Students’ Council now has the resources to look towards improving our future supports to clubs.
  3. There are also small changes such as the ability to have a credit card. This ensures thoughtful spending of student’s fees on large-scale events, such as Brescia Ball.
  4. Additionally, with increasing clarity of our relationship with Brescia University College, we are able to better advocate and provide meaningful changes on behalf of the student body.

With incorporation also came an increase in responsibility and liability held by the Students’ Council. As a result, the next reasonable step is the hiring of a General Manager. This person would ensure that the Students’ Council day-to-day operations run seamlessly and research that will impact students is being completed. Our General Manager can provide valuable research to allow up to grow or start initiatives we never imagined possible. They act as an experienced member who understands the finances and the way to spend money as responsibly. Additionally, as the institutional memory of the Council, your elected members of the BUCSC can spend more time working on issues that directly affect you as students.

These exciting change has the Students’ Council looking towards the future while working towards investing further in our ability to improve the student experience. If you ever have any question or concerns relating to the BUCSC or thoughts on how your Students’ Council can better advocate on behalf of the student body feel free to reach out to Mikaila Hunter at


Brescia Bucket List: 10 Things to do Before You Graduate

Brescia is made great by its students. Besides creating a great community and paving the way for current students, students from Brescia’s past have started some traditions that help to make the Brescia experience into what it is today. Here is a look at the ways you can get involved with the Brescia community, and honor its history.

  1. Make a meal in the food lab- This one may be easy for food & nutrition students, but students from other faculties may not even set foot in a food lab if they don’t make an effort! Not to worry, there are plenty of opportunities to try your hand at cooking in the food labs- just keep an eye out for club events.
  2. Take a walk in Medway Forest- There is plenty of natural beauty all around campus, but a short walk behind Clare Hall will bring you to the middle of a forest! Medway is a beautiful place to take a walk- it is full of wildlife, and runs alongside a creek. Walking Medway Forest’s trails is a great way to relieve stress and get to know why London is called the Forest City.
  3. Go to Brescia Ball- For students, the highlight of every year is the Brescia Ball and Wine & Cheese. This is the moment to dress up in your best outfit and join in two nights of food, drink, and dance. The Brescia Ball is a time-honored tradition, so you are also joining in on building Brescia’s history while you enjoy two very classy evenings.
  4. Join a Brescia club- Brescia is not a big campus, but it does have plenty of opportunities to get involved! Brescia has clubs for students from every faculty, and plenty of nonacademic clubs, too. Whether it is to learn a new skill or work in your field, the Brescia clubs have something for everyone. They are a great way to get to know your fellow students and engage with the Brescia community.
  5. Visit the Labyrinth- It is a tradition among students to visit the tree at the center of Brescia’s Labyrinth with a wish. Walking the labyrinth then tying the wish, in the form of a ribbon, to the branches is a way to relieve stress and bring peace of mind. Because of the construction on the new academic pavilion this year, the Labyrinth may not get as many visitors, but it is still well worth the visit.
  6. Try something new at the Mercato- Brescia boasts a really spectacular dining hall, with an outstanding staff and truly tasty food. The menu is crafted to appeal to all sorts of tastes, and features plenty of international food offerings. There has never been a better time to expand the horizons of your palate and try something entirely new!
  7. Visit Huron and King’s- Western’s affiliate colleges have always had a special bond, and that means more than sharing chants at O Week. It is easy to celebrate the shared history of the affiliates while studying in Kings’ beautiful library, or enjoying a social night at Huron’s Beaver Dam. Whether it is for an event, a class, or just to hang out, each of their campuses are well worth the visit.
  8. Visit the farmer’s market- With a huge portion of Brescia’s students studying food & nutrition, it is no wonder the farmer’s market is so popular! Each Wednesday, local farmer George comes in with fresh fruits and veggies, grown locally. Plus, the booth is out during classes, so there is no need to alter your schedule at all for this one.
  9. Get some Brescia merch from the Bottega- Having Western pride is nice, but being Brescia Bold is important too! The Bottega’s merchandise is great for wearing and carrying around campus, but also makes great gifts for proud parents of Brescia students. When you find yourself in need of a frame for your diploma after graduation, the Bottega has you covered for that too.
  10. Explore Ursuline Hall- Ursuline Hall is the oldest building on campus, and is packed full with history. There is a lot to see- artwork and historical photos compliment the elegant architecture throughout the building. As a special bonus, there are plenty of nice, quiet study spots you can visit when the library gets too crowded!

Brescia is a great place with lots of different students, so there are plenty of different student experiences. This list is a great way to engage with the Brescia community and get into your school spirit, but above all be sure to make your Brescia experience your own!

Brescia’s Pride Week 2018

The Brescia community is very diverse, and the BUCSC makes an effort every year to celebrate many different groups. This week, it was all about Brescia’s LGBT community, honored with a whole week of pride events. Attendees were welcomed to events centered around resources, self-expression, and community in a celebration of the pride Brescia and its students have!

The week began on Monday with an information booth in the St. James Foyer. Many students stopped by to chat and pick up pamphlets, info packs, and even flip books providing information about LGBT issues and sexual health, all provided by PrideWestern on main campus. Especially popular was an info board on transgender issues, and how to be a good trans ally. A very important part of Brescia’s pride week each year is offering resources and creating a venue to discuss LGBT issues, so it is fitting that the week kicked off with an information and resource booth.

Wednesday’s event was all about self-expression- and there’s no sweeter way to do that than a cookie decorating station! The very creative attendees of this event celebrated pride week by icing their cookies with pride flags, uplifting messages, and anything that inspires them. The event was hugely popular as was Thursday’s event, a “gaymes” night to wrap up the week’s festivities. Attendees celebrated the LGBT community at Brescia as they played board and card games with their friends.

It is a busy time of year for Brescia students, so it was especially fun to take time this week to enjoy some pride events. Students loved the opportunity to celebrate the LGBT community and express themselves this pride week. Whether it was raising awareness, building a community, or simply giving LGBT students a place to be themselves, Brescia’s Pride Week was a huge success this year!

The University Experience- Living in Residence

A guest article by Stephanie Tom, Brescia University College Residence Council (BUCRC) President and Residence Representative

University is a special milestone for students who wish to further their education; it’s a chance to explore new options, and develop interests into passions. One often wishes to get the “full university experience,” and what better way than by living in residence. At Brescia University College, we’re proud of our Clare Hall Residence: fixed with queen sized beds, shared ensuites, and common lounges in each floor. Personally, I love the residence because my floormates have become my closest university friends, and I’ve shared many intense screenings of the Bachelor in our floor lounge. Most importantly, Clare Hall is so much more than a residence, it’s truly a community of students from all years.

I loved residence so much that I knew I wanted to live here again, this year as President of the Brescia University College Residence Council (BUCRC). The BUCRC is a council of 21 members that is mostly comprised of first-year students living in residence. Paraphrased from the mission statement, the BUCRC acts as the governing body of the student assembly, and is established to improve the social and living environment for students in residence. Councillors contribute to programming and event planning, and advocating for issues on behalf of the residence community. Residence Council is a great experience for students interested in getting involved within their community and meeting students within residence.

Within the last two years, the BUCRC has adopted new positions such as a Wellness Commissioner, Academic Commissioner, and Student Events Commissioner. The new commissioner positions are tailored to facilitate programming that target specific aspects of student life; these include academic, wellness, and social events. This academic year, the BUCRC welcomed a new “International Students Representative” position to residence council. This position is much needed as International students face different challenges in addition to adjusting to a new, generally far, home away from home. The BUCRC’s hopes for this position include creating a voice for the international student community, and to help advocate and tailor events to International Students to promote a smoother transition within residence. Overall, the BUCRC is excited for the new possibilities with the International Students Representative position, and we look forward to another successful year!

Dear Brescia Blogger…

“Dear Brescia Blogger,

I am a first year, and I love Brescia so far! It’s very different from my high school, though. my schedule is so much more free now, so it’s somehow harder to schedule time for all my homework and studying. How can I get better at scheduling space for my schoolwork?

From, a schedule-troubled first year”


Dear first year,

The first year of school was the hardest for me as well. High school does give you a very structured setting. Planners, class bells, lunch period, after school events, you are even given monthly event schedules! Your whole life pretty much planned out for you your whole high school career. Now in university, you have roughly 15 hours of schooling then the rest of your week is totally up to you. This is a difficult transition, but not an impossible one.

For my university schedule, I start with the schedule from the program that I use to plan my courses. “Draft My Schedule” is a great program to get started, and it does not get reset until the end of the school year, so your planned schedule stays right there and you can check in any time. I print my weekly schedule off, and then I add all my important plans in, like work, appointments, and family events. From there, I look at how much time I have left in my schedule for homework. By now I can guess how much time it will take to get different assignments done, like my readings. If I know I take about three hours per week to complete my readings, I just need to find three available hours in my schedule to get that done. By the end I know what readings I have to do that week and exactly when I can have them done.

If you are looking for longer-term organization, that is also very doable. At the beginning of each semester I take my syllabus from each class, then I print off the four months for the semester. For each class I go through and write out the big marking assignments, midterms, projects, essays, and others. Then I write when I want to start the project or start studying into my calendars. After I go through each course, and write down the homework, one week in advance before the due date. That way a big assignment doesn’t sneak up and surprise me on the week of its due date.

In the end the key is knowing how long it takes you to complete the assignments for your courses each week and giving yourself that much time in your schedule to complete it. Just remember it gets easier in time, as you get to know yourself and your work style.

All my best,

The Brescia Blogger